The best products for psoriasis treatment

Psoriasis is a multifactorial autoimmune disease. This is a kind of inflammation or the formation of small capillaries. It does not depend on the sex of the person, even newborn children get sick with it. Moderate to severe psoriasis is an immune-mediated systemic inflammatory process that leads or exacerbates the disease. The disease damages some areas of the skin, which can lead to serous consequences and even to psychoemotional disorder. The problem of this disease has not lost its relevance, despite the fact that effective methods of treatment have appeared. There are various topical and systemic medications available to treat this disease. When choosing an individual treatment, the degree and severity of the disease must be taken into account. When the rash is located in open areas, the disease significantly affects the quality of life.

Psoriasis Treatment

Glucocorticoid tablets are rarely used for proper use in disease because of the many side effects. However, systemic glucocorticoids are recommended for long-term, intramuscular use in cycles as a remedy. This approach to treatment prevents unwanted consequences. There is another class of drugs: biochemicals, which include biotechnologically integrated regenerative protein products from animal, plant and microbial cells. Photosynthesis has a special place in the treatment of psoriasis. Light chemotherapy is used to treat the disease: a combination of ultraviolet radiation and photosynthesis. Topical treatments include a wide range of psoriasis medications in addition to other ointments that contain tar, naphthalene, ichthyol, and salicylic acid. The effectiveness of topical corticosteroids in the treatment of the disease is based on a clear anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect associated with a complex mechanism of hormone receptor that penetrates the nuclei of target cells of the skin and increases the expression of genes encoded by them. Combined corticosteroid ointments and salicylic acid creams are highly desirable. The treatment of psoriasis continues to be an urgent and responsible task. Special attention in this matter is paid to treatment. There are many drugs that are likely to help fight the disease. Or they will make it less scary and painful.


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Dr. Derm

Dr. Derm is a drug that gives men and women of all ages the opportunity to relieve psoriasis with a guarantee. The tool is intended for home treatment, which allows you to undergo effective therapy confidentially, without inconvenience, in a familiar and comfortable environment. The drug is in the form of a cream, is characterized […]


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Sanidex is an effective remedy formulated to treat psoriasis. The drug was created taking into account the fact that the disease is prone to a chronic course, so the process must be stopped only with the help of gentle substances. There are no artificial components in the formula of the product: it contains organic compounds, […]


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Psoriasis is a chronic non-infectious disease that affects both internal organs and, to a greater extent, the skin. Currently, there are a huge number of treatments for this disease. However, one of the most effective remedies is Psorilax, made exclusively from natural ingredients. Psorilax is a new generation product, an irreplaceable assistant in the treatment […]