BunionFix product review


BunionFix - product review

BunionFix is a special fixation splint that helps get rid of bumps on the leg. Hallux valgus is an outwardly unpleasant and rather painful defect that can be completely eliminated. BunionFix is ​​a special development, it was created by the best orthopedic doctors in Germany. Its main function is to correct the thumb. However, at the same time, this product is able to effectively deal with transverse flat feet, relieving a person not only of the bones that pester him, but also of the very reason that caused the appearance of the disease.

How to use? Instruction

The tire must be taken out of the package and, having unfastened the Velcro, put it on the foot. After that, the Velcro must be fastened to fix the corrector. A drop-shaped pad can be placed under the foot beforehand to maintain the transverse arch of the foot.
You can wear the product throughout the day during everyday activities. In most cases, the deformity of the foot completely disappears in patients after several months. The duration of wearing depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

How does it work? Indications

With BunionFix, there is no need to subject yourself to surgery. The retainer will help get rid of the hallux valgus, and also prevent it from spreading to other phalanges. The BunionFix splint returns the bone to the correct position, increasing the elasticity and flexibility of the muscle tissue. In this case, the load on the foot is distributed more evenly, which stops further deformation. After the end of the course of treatment, the problem does not return.
The use of BunionFix will allow you to get rid of an ugly bump, the foot will take on a beautiful, aesthetic shape. The retainer will help you wear your favorite shoes without fear, painful sensations will become a thing of the past. BunionFix will restore ease of gait and self-confidence.


The corrector is made of materials that are completely safe for human health. So it consists of a finger bandage that is firmly fixed in the required position, a hinge, thanks to which the mobility of the foot is maintained, Velcro, which firmly holds the splint on the leg. The metatarsal lining prevents chafing even after prolonged use. Also included is a drop-shaped pad designed to distribute the load over the entire foot area. Thanks to its special shape, the product can be worn on both the left and right legs.

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