Algonika product review


Algonika - product review

Algonika is an alginant face mask based on natural ingredients that will help you restore full-fledged skin condition, nourish and moisturize. The mask is suitable for girls and women of all ages, preventing early skin aging. The mask returns firmness and elasticity, it is very careful about the restoration of the skin, without damaging it or causing allergic reactions.

How to use? Instruction

The mask is contained in the form of a powder, therefore, before use, it must be diluted with a small amount of water and applied to the skin, leaving for 20-30 minutes. Then thoroughly and delicately cleanse the skin from the mask with paper towels, rinse with water and dry your face. The mask should be applied no more than a few times a week.

How does it work? Indications

When applied to the skin, it begins to stimulate blood flow and flush to the face, saturates with essential vitamins, stimulates the growth of new cells, makes the skin soft and velvety. Due to its natural composition, it has no contraindications and does not cause allergic reactions. It slows down the aging process and prevents the skin from becoming flabby and saggy.


  • Laminaria is the most widespread seaweed, which contains many macro and microelements, biological substances, all water-soluble vitamins. It not only regenerates the skin of the face, but also improves the state of the immune system. Helps fight pigment spots, various types of rashes, acne, removes dryness and puffiness of the skin.
  • Diatoms - this unique component is a diatomite formed by these plants, finely ground and added to our preparation. Fights acne, expands and cleanses pores. It has a rejuvenating effect. The presence of this component also promotes exfoliation and regeneration of skin cells.
  • Chamomile - perfectly copes with inflamed skin and cleansing pores from impurities. Soothes and smoothes the skin
  • Marine collagen - increases skin elasticity, improves tone. It has a beneficial effect on the circulatory and immune systems of the body.

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