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7Slim is a safe weight loss drug. 7Slim helps the consumer lose 17% of their total weight in just 1 month. The natural components of this product make it not hazardous to human health.
7Slim has several contraindications. This remedy should not be used during pregnancy, lactation, that is, it is better for nursing mothers to abstain too. The drug is not suitable for children, people with oncology, with diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys and those who are allergic to the substances that make up 7Slim.
It is recommended to consult a nutritionist before using this product, as 7Slim is a medicinal product.

Information - 7Slim
Product Name 7Slim
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Price 7Slim 39$
Storage conditions Store at a temperature not exceeding 23 ° C.
Delivery Country United Kingdom, United States, Philippines, India. The whole world
Delivery terms 4-11 days
Availability Available on the official website
Customer Reviews 91% Positive
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How to use? Instruction

Taking 7Slim is easy. You just need to drink one ampoule a day half an hour before meals, drinking the substance in small sips. It is recommended to burn the product with plain water. The best time to take this drug is in the morning or evening.
Due to its natural composition, 7Slim does not cause side effects only if the consumer is allergic to one or more of the components of this medicine.
The portability of 7Slim capsules is another plus of the drug. Small size and convenient packaging allow you to take the drug with you and use it at any convenient time.


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How does it work?

When 7Slim enters the human body, it activates the production of the hormone irisin, which is also the “harmony hormone”. Irisin, in turn, triggers a number of effects that help solve the problem of excess weight, lose weight faster.
7Slim capsules help reduce appetite, and thanks to the large amount of vitamins, a person does not lose much energy due to the process of losing weight and also does not suffer from dehydration. The metabolism in the body is accelerated, which also contributes to the speedy getting rid of excess weight. Fats break down faster and leave the body along with toxins.
The effects of this drug do not exert strong pressure on the human body. Weight goes away smoothly, without stress, without injuring the health of the consumer.


7Slim ampoules contain only elements of natural origin. Among them:

  • Garcinia cambogia fruits;
  • goji fruit;
  • ginger root;
  • turmeric root;
  • spirulina algae.

These herbal components of the drug are absolutely safe for the health of the consumer.

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Indications for use

7Slim is used to enhance the slimming process. Indications for taking capsules are:
  • overweight;
  • cellulite;
  • slow metabolism;
  • malfunctions of the digestive system;
  • shortness of breath on exertion;
  • decrease in endurance, performance.
The drug is suitable for prophylactic use.


7Slim is a natural preparation that is not capable of causing harm to health. Capsules are contraindicated only in case of allergy to substances present in their composition. During pregnancy and lactation, the drug can be used only after consulting a doctor.

Doctor's review

Overweight is a real scourge of modern society. Despite the popularity of healthy lifestyle, many of us still prefer fast food over healthy food. Therefore, every year I record an increase in the number of requests for help in getting rid of extra pounds. Fortunately, the problem of overweight today is easier to solve than before. A change in the approach to treatment was made possible by the appearance on the market of the drug 7Slim, which accelerates the natural processes of fat burning and allows you to lose weight without training and dieting. Taking these capsules for a month, my patients consistently lose from 6 to 14 kg of excess weight without harm to their health. 7Slim is a truly effective and safe product that you can trust.

Customer Reviews

I tried to lose weight in various ways, but to no avail. Sometimes I managed to lose a couple of kilograms, but as soon as I relax a little, the weight returned to its original mark. The desired effect was achieved only with the help of these capsules. With them, the weight goes away quickly and irrevocably. Recomend for everybody!
I have been taking 7Slim for only 2 weeks, but I have already managed to lose almost 8 kg. I feel vigorous and rejuvenated, there is lightness throughout my body. All this - without sports and food restrictions!
She was always full, but did not pay attention to it until, due to excess weight, severe pain in the knees appeared. The doctor to whom I consulted advised me to urgently lose weight, warning that otherwise the problem would worsen. The diet did not give results: in 2 weeks I managed to lose only one kilogram. Therefore, I decided to order 7Slim and try to lose weight with it. I have been taking capsules for a month now, the results are impressive. My weight has dropped from 103 to 88 kg, and continues to fall. I think that no diet or workout program can give such a result!

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On average, delivery takes 3-7 days depending on your city

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